Ada Wan Therapy

Ada Wan has treated various conditions including epilepsy, temporal mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), headaches, sports injuries, reproductive and gynecological conditions, cosmetic acupuncture, autoimmune disorders, and pre- and post-natal conditions. Her goal is to help others achieve a balanced lifestyle and to prevent future injuries and illnesses.  Learn more

Grace Park, RMT

Grace is known for using deeper, more specific massage techniques, but is always mindful and attentive to her client’s individual needs. She is dedicated and committed to helping others and looks forward to assisting you on your path to wellness. Learn more

Mariane Talbot, RMT

Mariane Talbot is a massage therapist of multifaceted talents is an understatement, as the breadth of her training encompasses many modalities, including Active Release Technique, deep-tissue therapeutic massage, acupressure, trigger-point release, Neurofunctional Acupuncture and more. Learn more